Aspect of Community Development

In the current world, we have been seeing some problems happen in the countries, those hit to developing countries mostly. People encounter social justice, low-income generating, limited access to medical health services, lack of food security, land grabbing from the high-ranking official or billionaire tycoons in the society.

So we will find out the definition of the overall Community Development together how big the extent of community development is.

Community Development is a wide term useful to the practices and academic disciplines of civic leaders, activists, occupied citizens and professionals to improve a variety of prospects of local communities.

Presently, there are a lot of volunteer works for community development through the local organizations, which mostly support women and children as well as the micro-enterprises based on rural outreach activities. These organizations usually have the visions of creating and promoting opportunities to volunteer and improve the lives of other people in the society and environment that we are living in. Community development seeks to allow individuals and groups of people in the target areas by providing these groups with the skills they need to influence change in their own communities. These skills are often concentrated about building political power through the development of large social groups working for a common program.

Community service refers to doing something beneficial to the community beneficiaries. There are many people associated with different aspects of community development. People full of philanthropic feelings are those who work hard for the betterment of the community regardless of race, customs, traditions and religion.

Education and the community-wide empowerment that increased educational possibility creates, form a critical component of community development and surely for undeserved communities that have limited general educational and professional training resources. Workforce development and the issues and challenges of crossing the Digital divide, and increasing community-wide levels of Digital inclusion have become crucially important in this and both for affordable access to computers and the Internet, and for training in how to use and maintain these resources.

In sociology, the concept of community has lead to important debate, and sociologists are yet to reach agreement on a definition of the term. Traditionally a community development has been defined as a group of interacting people living in a common location, generally in social units larger than a household. The word can also refer to the national community or international community.

Today, Public Relations have largely been viewed as a way of sharing an organization's news with their public in order to build a positive image. To communicate the organization's view through channels other than advertising.

This shift in society may have something to do with the new economic realities or it may have other factors, the reasons just are not clear. It should be noted that this trend is not all bad news. For some the demise of some associations marks a more open and tolerant society.

Why do you need a community developer to do all this? Because chances are that you don't have time do to it and neither do your IT department? Wouldn't you rather have your IT techs working on the next product release than on the community site? Most companies would.

Create a strategy before you start calling vendors to build the community or find a vendor who can help you build the strategy. A wrong strategy can lead your business to a bad situation.

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