Food Safety Is A Concern For Community People In Developing Country

In Cambodia, for those who have enough ability to afford eating food, then their food quality control has been made in advance, or they certainly know the sources of food producers. But for the poor or those who are not able to afford to buy food is just eat the foods to appease the hunger and they ignore the quality or safety of these foods completely.

Although the country is regarded as an agricultural country, but the majority of agricultural products are imported from foreign countries such as Vietnam and Thailand.

The data is presented that in one day there are 400 tons of vegetables were imported from abroad, counted of more than 14 thousand tons in one year which equal the cost of around 200 million US dollars. Most vegetables are imported from Vietnam but Vietnam is a country that has been banned in Western market access countries of its import of vegetables products to the European Union because of chemical-overdosed Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) vegetable. For fruits and meat have been noted that being broadly imported from Thailand. Information sources from the people who work in Thailand said that Thai crops of farmers were planted through extremely using of a chemical for exporting which severely affected to consumer’s health. Not only vegetables, which uses chemicals, but also meat, fish, and seafood are entirely been excessively used of chemicals that harm to human health. Recently, authorities have found that there are 32 varieties of vegetables, fresh fish, meat and seafood at the seaport consist of the chemical that can severely jeopardize to Cambodian health.

In consequences, they saw that the food safety control department intercepted tens of tons of tainted chicken meat, as well as a lot of orange and drinks and other tainted foods being imported from neighboring countries. Meanwhile, a failure to crackdown chemical-putting food or poorly qualified coffee processing techniques, coffee machine, chemical-poising coffee, corn, and soybeans are processed as hoax coffee which seriously causes the human health.

The effects of hazardous food, lack of reliable quality control have led to hundreds of people get poisons. For instance, food poisoning victims claim that due to eating vegetables, and cabbage imported from Vietnam. There have been hundreds of monks, students and residents get poisoned from food. The Ministry of Health of Cambodia has issued decision announced that officials have to pay attention on food hygiene and safety monitoring while a series of case of food poisoning incident happened. Even though, the intervention of the health ministry is not effective [national health system and structure are poor].

Besides chemicals were present in vegetables, fish, and meat, yet they found that rice liquor has killed at least 15 people in the provinces in the last few years and in 2015 there were 20 people in the province subsequently died from methanol poisoning mixed in rice liquor. 

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