Cambodia: Foreign Product Use, Elderly Age, and Materialism

3/ Popularity in using of the foreign product forever
When born, baby needs milk from foreign countries import. After they grow up, they need the food which imported from the foreign countries. Then they go to modern school or oversea school. As they are reaching adult age, they start to use commodities imported abroad. Yet, they still continue to use the abroad materials whenever they are getting older like constructing a house whose materials were imported abroad, smart phone, autos and so on, entirely imported abroad. Or even they got sick, Cambodian families use the foreign health services based in Cambodia or go abroad to access health service over there.

Cambodian families take holiday in abroad for relax and medical checkup or purchase the expensive goods. The retired people live in a luxury house whose equipment and materials were imported from abroad. They still use computers, cars, phones from foreign countries and eating foreign foods as well. Cambodia should try to increase its local production to supply people’s demand otherwise Cambodians only give foreigners the money to make their economic progress.

2/ Life whenever getting old

Turn back to the situation in the least developed countries, particularly Cambodia. The common people always worry about their lives as they are getting old because of the elder people do not have hope anything to survive and they could not rely on someone as they suffer physically, and feel lonely in the period of elderly age.

In Cambodia, for all who had worked in the government office framework are concerned about their lives whenever they are getting old because they would lack of money for making live in elderly age. The pension for retirement of the state servants in the framework is meager compared to the commodity price, probably around 100 USD. But there is no pension principle for workers in private sector or farmers while they are aging yet. That is why the elder people still earn even sometimes they are 70 or over 80 years old for surviving without any support from the government at all even a dime. Their lives are a pathetic-sight starving and pitiful struggling.

Those who are getting old and living in the well-off families in Cambodia are not worried about their elderly ages because their rich family members could afford them to survive any longer.

The disadvantageous elder people still continue to struggle for working to earn for living till they die. Some are staying at the religious monasteries within poor facilities to ensure quality of life. The government should consider about policy of national budget allocation about social protection to take care of elder people to live as human being.

1/ Making value materialism much more than else
From time to time, Dollar note still be high value in the society. Take a look at Cambodian society, the individuals seem make value on materials, possession and ranking post much. In terms of materialism, Cambodians probably ignore value on honest persons, scholars and patriots who are having a few possessions or poor condition of living. Of course, possession and materials are not only helpful for Cambodia but also other countries. However, the value of persons is not meaning that unless they are rich but they must have integrity, knowledge, morality, virtue and adhered to justice to serve the nation’s interests.

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Chinese Companies Are Devastating Cambodian Natural Resources

The monitoring panels for the situation of Cambodia and its economics had marked that Cambodia received a lot of donation and loans from China so the government has to decide to authorize a license to Chinese companies for a huge land concession investing. However, the Chinese companies did not bring any development or progression to Cambodian people at all. Obviously, the companies which got concession authorization for growing sugar cane and rubber are logging to exploit illegally and had bulldozed the community natural forest aggressively.

The non-governmental organizations also said that the Chinese economic concessionaire companies located in some provinces across Cambodia have been devastating the Cambodian natural luxury wood and natural resources which the government did not care of this. Unequivocally, woods in Cambodia are plunged into disaster and being endangered quickly if without any effective government’s intervention or conservation. For example Siv Guek Investment Co Ltd. of China illegally administers huge deforestation. This company located in the radius of hydro-power region in northern Cambodia.

Chinese companies had harshly grab land from local residents by destruction and set fire to houses of theirs. This meant that granting the land concession privilege from the government is a source of tragedy. Then there always community resident’s protest taking place to against those companies for their land grabbing.

Actually, the concessional land should not be granted to Chinese companies nearby the forest areas because there may have wood logging and devastating the Cambodian natural resources. Logging the timbers is illegal under the Cambodian law.

Yet villagers and local residents had been motivated by companies to logging the woods to sell for them including Vietnamese companies as well. Vietnamese continue to transport Cambodian luxury timbers to Vietnam almost every day. Research study said that Cambodian woods still exist less than 20 percent.

Is this the development whenever there is a vast deforestation to export for selling in other country then instead there has growing rubber tree and Acacia and natural destruction?

For instance, the controversial hydro-power projects at the Koh Kong’s province mountain range are underway of Chinese mega-company which would mine the precious stones to acquire these greedy projects toward devastating Cambodian natural resources. Sinohydro Resource Ltd, Chinese company which is a company has been operating mining in the geographic area of Cambodia.

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