Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Rule Of Law But Habit Exists

People who live in Cambodia mostly behave or perform duty based on their habits with others rather than respecting to the morality or law and ethical manner in a working place, for example they use their habits to rely on senior officials to resolve any violation against the law even they did wrong. They use habits of violation against a traffic law. Using of habit for taking bribe for an intention and so on…

Cambodia is a place where impunity implication is carried out amidst the influencing and application of nepotism and corruption. That is why the people never feel care of law enforcement; in contradiction they use their habits instead of it. There is no rule of law but it is a nation of impunity. These are examples which indicate that people sit on law; the people always have habit of overloading a car by ignoring a traffic law and transportation restriction procedure through taking bribe to police or officials. Sometimes along the street even there is traffic stop light but some people still trespass the road regardless of safety. Some people use domestic violence by ignoring of national law. Other cases in the courts happened whenever they did something wrong against the law but they still try to bail someone out of jail by depending on senior officials string.

Likewise, the officials like local authority which serve the public interests always take liberty or perform duty based on their habits for instance they use power and property for their family’s boon. Sometimes, they carry out the office routine according to their domestic implementation style. Or they express the bad behavior in the office toward other staff rather than respecting to the ground rule of working protocol.

Performance of these bad behaviors in Cambodia caused bad images happen in the society including violation of law, veneer of law enforcement, nepotism, social immorality, bribery, domestic violence, injustice, impunity, abusing of human rights.

We must deal with these issues through all individual must comply with the law and based on the ethical adherence.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Farmers Produce Rice To Make Ends Meet But Government Proud To be Big Exporter

It is especially true on which Cambodian farmers have been cultivating only for making ends meet but not standing for the intention of government’s agriculture-sector forefront in a priority strategic plan. There has a few farmers achieved their goal relying on agriculture cultivation for their daily livelihood. They do not have a solid hope for market to sell their products after harvesting or even sell paddy rice in a very cheap price. They lose totally since the rice production value chain.

In a conclusion shows that Cambodians could not emerge away poverty through agricultural production due to they become debtors to the private bank. In this regard, farmers could not struggle to survive themselves so they could not satisfy the government’s vision targeting agriculture sector which is determined as the forefront for national socioeconomic development in the export diversification and expansion framework.

In contrast, this is the travesty of Cambodia’s milled rice expansion plan which Cambodia had intended to become a large paddy rice exporter in a region of Southeast Asia. It is proud to fully unlock potentials in producing paddy rice for a broader export. Export of milled rice has been priority for Cambodia in its export diversification and expansion strategy. So far garment manufacturing is a forerunner.

Eying on international rice market development, it is an economic opportunity for Cambodia. There have been many problems have hampered its export plan including the farmers are producing for their making ends meet, and production cost of milled rice is high value. The price of Cambodia rice is expensive since in production chain in the light of high cost expenditure for fertilizer which lacks of quality as well. Fee of fuel which population almost entirely depends on motor pumping due to Cambodia lacks of irrigation system, electricity supply is also so expensive. Cost of production is more expensive than neighboring countries Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, Cambodia lacks of infrastructure for product transportation.

Spending on such outrageous expensive cost on production makes Cambodian rice must be sold in high value against a backdrop of Cambodia has became debtor which is hard to enter international market, particularly difficult to challenge with the neighboring countries. They are the nations which entered international markets already.