Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cambodians Spend Much But Only For The Sake of Foreign Economic Benefits

It was observed that the Cambodian people have been spending more and more on food, electronic equipment, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, modern commodities, cars and trips…

Previously Cambodian families were wiling to spend less the money which they had earned because of it was very hard to earn it.

Some people can earn 100 then they spend only 10. All the rest for saving. But now, whether in the country or in other countries the trend of expanding dramatically changes. Some earn 100 then spend almost 200.

A broad spending is a global trend, including Cambodia. This trend has been realized as part on a substantial improvement in information technology.

Obviously, the last 30 or 40 years ago, sometimes people had the money and they did not even know where to buy things because the media was very narrow. But because of sophisticated information technology modernization push them to spend more money. Yet every product after being produced immediately must be notified by sending through the media to the end-users for promotion.

News media advertising shakes and forced to encourage consumers to spend more and more on items buying. Just only in a moment some people spent hundreds of dollar or thousands of dollar. Others have just got salary a few days then they spend for drinking almost end a salary. The family flew to foreign countries to just only to buy body decoration commodities or visit.

The presence of foreign food, smartphones, modern car, villa, computers, jewelry within the advertising and tantalizing to attract people too, until user can not control their emotions. Every year, people think about where the places to visit, including inside and outside the country.

Some economists analyzed that the spending of the people in a country will contribute to drive the country's economic growth as a large prevalence because the more money people spend the greater production needed. And when there is more production so the economic movement is also increasing. But if people do not spend then the entire national economy is not functioning or being stagnant.

Turned back to the situation of Cambodians have been spending much more than ever. But sometimes, such expenditure does not contribute to the national economy through buying foreign commodities. Because the spending makes a flow-out of money to foreign economic benefits adversely. In other words, most of Cambodian products could not be produced enough to meet the current supply and demand for domestic consumption.

In conclusion, Cambodia must increase more products and Cambodian people themselves must support its products.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Rule Of Law But Habit Exists

People who live in Cambodia mostly behave or perform duty based on their habits with others rather than respecting to the morality or law and ethical manner in a working place, for example they use their habits to rely on senior officials to resolve any violation against the law even they did wrong. They use habits of violation against a traffic law. Using of habit for taking bribe for an intention and so on…

Cambodia is a place where impunity implication is carried out amidst the influencing and application of nepotism and corruption. That is why the people never feel care of law enforcement; in contradiction they use their habits instead of it. There is no rule of law but it is a nation of impunity. These are examples which indicate that people sit on law; the people always have habit of overloading a car by ignoring a traffic law and transportation restriction procedure through taking bribe to police or officials. Sometimes along the street even there is traffic stop light but some people still trespass the road regardless of safety. Some people use domestic violence by ignoring of national law. Other cases in the courts happened whenever they did something wrong against the law but they still try to bail someone out of jail by depending on senior officials string.

Likewise, the officials like local authority which serve the public interests always take liberty or perform duty based on their habits for instance they use power and property for their family’s boon. Sometimes, they carry out the office routine according to their domestic implementation style. Or they express the bad behavior in the office toward other staff rather than respecting to the ground rule of working protocol.

Performance of these bad behaviors in Cambodia caused bad images happen in the society including violation of law, veneer of law enforcement, nepotism, social immorality, bribery, domestic violence, injustice, impunity, abusing of human rights.

We must deal with these issues through all individual must comply with the law and based on the ethical adherence.