China's Influence in Southeast Asia

From year to year, China has increasingly been expanding its influence to the Asia and Africa, especially China, is wielding enormous clout in ASEAN bloc. Cambodia is a small country in the ASEAN so then it is unequivocal to be unable to have a narrow escape from the influence of China dominance.

Chinese significant influence is not only dominating in Africa but also China has been expanding its influence to the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the ASEAN region. China's presence in Asia, especially in the ASEAN region has been seen that China is challenging against the U.S. influence within both military and economic strategies.

In the framework of ASEAN, China has good relations with some other countries including: Burma, Laos, Cambodia, eventually China has good economic relations with Thailand, which led by the military regime [junta]. Thailand, which used to be close as alliance with the United States.

Some figures of the Chinese national budget showed that from year to another year, China has increased its national defense budget more and more. That is why the U.S., Japan and other countries have to worry.

In addition, China's military influence increased in some countries in Asia region and particularly in ASEAN. Economic figures in other Asian countries have revealed that Asian countries increasingly rely on China's goods which previously ASEAN countries had to rely on other countries other than China.

If they talk about Asia and ASEAN framework, China succeeded by increasing its influence, both economics and military. In Cambodia context, China and Cambodia have good affinity based on both diplomatic relations, economic and cultural relations. Chinese culture is dominating on Khmer society and individual’s mindset deeply. Obviously, during the special events for instance Chinese New Year... most of markets, some departments and schools were closed so that they would join the celebrating of it.

Cambodian diplomatic relations in some recent years received donation from China. China's aid is without condition. Cambodia fully supports the single-China policy.

Yet look at Chinese economic relations, many investors came to Cambodia for investing especially in agriculture and industry. Chinese tourists also came for visiting the country more and more from year to year. About the culture, Khmer started to learn Chinese. China has been providing more scholarships to Cambodian students. There has been cultural exchange program between Chinese and Khmer students.

Recently, the US. President has meanwhile hosted the US-ASEAN summit in the United States in order to deepen ties with those Asian nations who are dominated by Chinese influence, until; for instance Cambodia almost become one of cities of China while Cambodian always celebrate the Chinese's New Year fanfare jamborees across Cambodia. Though, the Cambodia's affiliation and in favor of China experienced the Khmer Rouge genocide in the painful past.

In a nutshell, China who is the world's second economy great power after the United States is influencing its power not only in the Cambodia but also in the entire ASEAN and Asia region. China's presence in Asia had made America and Japan alliances who had perfect amity feel concerned deeply.

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