Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blood-Stained Rosewood Business in Cambodia

It is alarming for all with regard to the firing to death of dozens of Cambodians by Thai armed forces authorities while Cambodian poor community people and destitute villagers were hired to trespass the border of Thailand in order to illegally log a rose wood or luxury wood, this killing is still executing. So far there are hundreds of people were killed, injured and missing. The ministry of foreign affairs had sent a series of diplomatic note to the Thai embassy but Thai state still ignored at all over its army repeated atrocity or brutality.

This is a horrific and unbelievable tragedy because of that, on behalf of a civilized prominent nation located in the Southeast Asia, Thailand turned to execute an illegal extrajudicial killing of Cambodian people. Increasingly sad is that the regional poor community Cambodians are still taking risk in spite of they had heard about a series of killing by Thailand army’s bullets.

Poverty is one reason to force community people to across border to illegally log wood but Thailand's army also must stop such brutal killing of Cambodians anymore. However, there are some bad guys of a reason behind such blood-stained rose wood business who tantalizes the poor community logging woods or timbers. The people wish only to seek for job to do for some slight revenue to feed family and daily surviving. So it should not have some bad guys egg them out or inspire them to go killed like this because of crossing a border to Thailand.

It is the mistake of both local poor community people who decide to take high risk to be hired for logging a rose wood in Thailand in order to get paid and local authorities who are not able to prevent them trespassing a border to Thailand. But it is the worst mistake of the rose wood businesspeople who are not punished by their crime against the forest law of Cambodia. Because of that bootleg luxury wood businesspeople so the poor sad citizen’s blood still be shedding.

It is reportedly that the rose wood businesspeople are influential persons in local regions who egg local people out to across border logging illegal woods in Thailand areas. Therefore those bad wood businesspeople(criminals stand behind blood wood business) must be brought for a serious punishment according to the national law.

Though,a veneer of law enforcement has made the criminals [those who are running wood business] probably incorporate with local authorities to run this blood-stained wood business at the border for illegal export purposes. Without any action of the government against those powerful businesspeople so they are still able to exploit on the innocent citizen’s bloodshed and therefore poverty could not be reduced in line with the government’s national development strategy and far-reaching reforms.

Apparently, the move of this business with regard to the incorporation (accomplice) of the government’s officials and it effects to the own government national strategic development plan including the measure to prevent forest. So in order to resolve this blood rose wood business they must stop activities of those who are behind the poor community people who always egg them out in illegal logging woods or timber in Thailand.

The government must take seriously action against those businesspeople so that they can stop poor innocent local villagers across border to log woods or timbers.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Nation Which Prefer Use Foreign Currency

Among other countries, Cambodia is a nation on which being popular for using a Dollar note among people without any coercion or legal restriction due to people are hard to trust in their national currency, Riel. The reason why people do not trust in this national currency because of the instability of macro-economics and an excessive high inflation which is not under control.

The experience of people in period of during the genocide Khmer rouge regime, spending and stock exchange were prohibited completely. There had much money been saved through hard work of people and all of those money has been futile over time. In 1980’s after Khmer rouge failed, the Riel national note was placed to circulate again but people still be not convinced for making value it much more than gold, rice or foreign currency for example a note of Vietnam or Thailand and United States.

The macro-economic instability and inflation in 1980’s and 1990’s made people hard to believe in the national currency or attract attention of its popularity for using amidst the inflow of Dollar currency through the United Nations Transitional Authorities in Cambodia until now within the inflows of billions of Dollars of aid and donation for development projects and other business investment and tourism which is so popular for circulating in the market. Spending of Dollar in a current Cambodia is noticed that in high trends even this country has macro-economic stability.

The another reason why people do not trust in a national currency in light of this nation lacks of independence of the central bank and a government affiliation. A pressing concern in the future, somehow and someday they may be afraid that the national bank which is under control of the state would print much Riel note in order to respond the government’s need ensuing trigger a drastic inflation problem of currency so the national currency shall be useless. However, for the last recent one decade the people have been using much money of Riel but this national note looks worthy cheaper than Dollar.

Presently, they notice that Cambodia categorized two types of economy, urban economy which compromised by Dollar influence because of foreign investment, busting tourism activities, textile industry increase and international aid or donation of community development programs. Another one is called rural economy on which majority of farmers are spending Riel currency due to it is on the ground of agricultural pivot base.

Because of such urban economy is weighed in therefore Dollar note is still prominent and dominant over the national currency.