Mao Kung Conference Interpreter and Translator Khmer to English and English to Khmer in Cambodia


I am serving you the accuracy and trust of freelance Khmer to English and vice versa translation and interpreting services in Cambodia for purposes of conference conducting and which will be based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia or abroad and provinces are also available within professional high ethic manners of confidentiality for clients. Find me on Facebook Page

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English to Khmer and vice versa Translation and Interpreting Services in Cambodia, for instance Khmer to English simultaneous interpretation and vice versa, and Khmer to English consecutive interpretation and vice versa. Please click Like on my Page of Facebook so that you can follow more information updates.

Variety specializations in translation and interpretation services based in Cambodia

Hello everyone, again you are looking for an ideal translator/interpreter from Khmer to English and English to Khmer based in Cambodia. This is Mao Kung. I am serving as Freelance Khmer to English Translator and Conference Interpreter namely MaoKung Freelance Conference Translator and Interpreter. You are now searching for the rightful translator and interpreter from English to Khmer and vice-versa in Cambodia and I am here to meet your needs of Khmer and English Translation and Interpreting for purposes of workshop and meeting running. My specializations which I offer services of translation and interpretation in Cambodia are project cycle management, trade union, community development,education, democracy, human rights, health education,road safety, climate change, disaster management, gender equality, water resources, waste management, agriculture, micro-finance, training, strategic planning, food safety, project development, research methodology and approach, simultaneous and consecutive interpretations are available for meeting,conference and workshop.

I have been serving for valuable clients in translation and interpretation Khmer to English and English to Khmer

I have been working as Khmer-English translator/interpreter for many clients in different events including Local and International NGOs, ASEAN Forums, UNICEF, UN-Women, Help Age International, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), German International Cooperation (GIZ),World Food Program(Social Protection and Food Security), the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, project of Asia Development Bank (ADB), project of the World Bank, U.S Navy(U.S embassy), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Konrad Adenoer Stiftung,the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, the Ministry of Environment, Supreme National for Economics Council, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), National Committee for Disaster Management, National Assembly of Cambodia, the Ministry of Health (Department of Drug and Food), the Anti-Corruption Unit, Mission for World Vision Cambodia's program monitoring and evaluation of the USDOL(United States Department Of Labor), Oxfam, the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, the Cabinet of Ministers,the Ministry of Transportation, JICA, the Ministry of Economics and Finance, the Senate, the Municipal Court, The Ministry of Education, UNDP, FIFA, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade-Australia, the Ministry of Commerce (Creative Entrepreneur), UNIDO, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Justice for Legal and Judiciary Reform Project and so on...
Please feel free to contact me in person for further information concerning to my services from English to Khmer and vice versa. I am a trusted translator, so I guarantee you to provide the Khmer and English accurate translation/interpreting without losing any contexts or meaning. I would keep translation confidentially within my high professional ethics, what I serve is to build the trust for services, customer-based care and quality which I try my best effort in the creation. Let me serve and assist you to communicate for your business focused on services of English to and from Khmer translation and interpretation in Cambodia.
Contact me
Please feel free to contact with me by (855)-11 684 658/ (855)-92 463 670, and/or​​​​ or Facebook Page or at #350B, Street 907, Sangkat Tuol Sangke, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

For many years ago within experiences working based on translation services in Cambodia with the international organizations and other development agencies of the embassy in Phnom Penh, I have been serving for my great deal of valuable customers. I am available at other provinces or abroad for oral translation services as well.

Fee Quotation
Please feel free to ask me for a kind quotation of services of translation/interpretation English to Khmer or Khmer to English at any time and I would be pleased to prepare it for you due to prices for translation(must be done in an editable MS Word or MS Excel formats) and interpretation from Khmer to English and vice-versa in Cambodia are in a wide range challenge according to the assignment scope, location avenue(accommodation, daily food, traveling), numbers of presentation, numbers of day, and topics, agenda techniques. Well, do not hesitate to contact me by: mao.kung3@gmail or

CV of Freelance Translator and Interpreter 


The quality of rendition for Khmer or English is also based on the message receiving from a speaker. A simultaneous interpreter always experiences to face worst things from the speaker including the fast speaking and reading paces, using a metaphor, acronym, constantly switches between languages and constantly saying…


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