Why the Poor Remains Poor

The human issues always happen almost else where, whereas the rich still increasing be richer. There have been all countries over the world. Therefore we have to analyze the finding facts.

For years ago, the middle class people often believe that they could continue to better condition of living but some think that whenever the gross national product rises they also live well. A few think that there are lots of issues to human livelihood and the rest assume that those problems can be settled by doing existing things.

According to the Pyramid in capitalist society the people groups were divided into three stratus:

1-The rich
2-The average
3-The poor

In order to harmonize and live together and enable the poor by compromising to share wealth to them being average level. The westerns had practiced such culture of sharing toward livelihood and helping one another. We see that the high percentage of the famine did not stem from the natural disaster or destiny.

In the capitalism, the rich are owners. The producers are moving away their products. The rich bought lands and labors from the poor then they give enough salary to laborers, set aside their own profits for their families and themselves only. Based on production, the people were divided into two classes:

1-Owner: one who have large wealth and generate great income for example land, machine, factory that make revenue.
2-Non-owner: one who do not have wealth or less. They depend on selling their own labor for living.

Dividing the type of people between the rich and laborers are still visible so far. This is one of the main ramifications for distinguishing between the gab of the rich and the poor. Besides, it is because of natural benefit sharing without transparency to community people and so on.

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