The Sustainability of Development for Rural Areas

Sustainable development is what all NGOs wish to accomplish it in after the investment of operation of project even they phased out or the project has terminated at target areas. Sustainable development is able to respond the people’s need as for these days without obstacle against people’s ability so that to meet their need for tomorrow. As we are aware that natural resources source in this world is definitely limited. In order to satisfy the need of people and for better condition of living, it requires having preparation of the balance consumption of those resources in a manner of transparency,and proportionately as well as to defend and keep them for the next younger generation. Otherwise, the natural resources would become the curse of a nation.

The priority of natural resources using should be allowed for all people to have chance to improve their regional livelihood and family. Everyone has the right to participate as member of community family and society’s production.

Sustainable development prioritizes the collection of all resources in the region for investment based on education and build capacity for people:
A. Be responsible for their own livelihood and existing resources in community
B. Participate with any decision in different levels
C. Agree on responsibility for the whole local people’s healthcare

This feature of development is centered to people as the focal point for development. It also seeks for opportunity for people to get guarantee in their living standard relying on innovation of existing resources. This makes value and culture of human being.

There are 4 principles in people centered development model:
1- Participation from the people is a key element in development. It means that the active and intensive involvement of them in making a decision on the process of development.
2- Sovereignty obtained with local villagers is really a social art for positive change. Freedom and democracy are the hope for common persons. The person’s sovereignty is a basis of democracy. The legitimate role of government is to help citizens to obey their agenda.
3- In order to practice their sovereignty, responsibility and community development, therefore the local people must monitor over their all resources. They have freedom of information, and means to oversee government’s accountability. The government is in charge of promoting and protection of citizen’s rights for their all participation.
4- For those who assist people in development have to recognize that they are participating to support people’s work; they must be persevere in this participation and motivate people keep working smoothly.

This development is a big thriving to build their humanity and relationship to the natural land and process of nature supporting their lives today. It is important to have relationship between human beings and nature. Distancing from the land it means that a sign of isolation from community and nature.

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