The Review of Accomplishment Meeting of NGOs and Government

Every year the representatives of the development partners and representatives of the government in developing country hold the bilateral meeting. It is the best time for both to review the outcomes which have been achieved and development oversight in the future. We would like to get know what the outcomes from operation in the past and challenges are. The representatives of donor or development partners and the government always have this meeting to talk about new donation and grant for a series of community development. Before the meeting takes place the civil society organizations and other international organizations also evaluated the accomplishment of the government.

There are sweeping documents of the non-governmental organizations which wrote to recognize the progressive achievement of the government and development partners for times ago.

In the report says that the non-governmental organizations acknowledge that there have been made progress toward prosperity including public service, improvement of education, healthcare sectors and public dissemination of the national budget piece of information.

Although the civil society organizations (CSOs) recognize this government’s progress there are still some shortcomings in the government’s performance raised by the NGOs. They are:

A-the civil society organizations would like to refer the corruption law even this law was enacted by the national assembly and was promulgated. But the aspects of this law seems does not respond to the international standard yet, that is why they wish to have some amendments to some articles which related to protection for the whistleblowers and ensuring of anti-corruption unit’s independence.

B-issues related to the land management including land title, land conflict, land grabbing, and economic concessional land. The CSOs have also raised about the fisheries community’s concerns during the meeting because of drastically decreasing of a quantity of fish.

Furthermore, the NGOs team had expressed concerns about the process of implementation of the government’s project related to the economic land concessionaires, hydro-electrical plants, and other mining processing plants. In the wake of those operation projects effect to the biodiversity, environment if being undergone without thorough study. The CSOs demand that the government should disclose the genuine figure of national revenue from the gas and ore extraction and exploitation in terms of the transparency to the public. They just aware of ore processing in some places in the country but the actual quantity has been produced and revenue from were not revealed. Still, the CSOs raised the concerns of violence against women and children in the community, sexual harassment and human trafficking which demand the government to take strictly measure and effectively.

The CSOs raised all of these concerns because they would like to bring more attention from donors before they make a decision of grant delivery to assist the developing country. In other words to let donors use their influence to enable the government has effective resolution toward concerns raised. CSOs also wish to see the commitment and dedication from the government in order to address issues whenever they receive donations.

However, the donors annually donate billions of Dollars to support the development project in a developing country.

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