Democracy Status in the Southeast Asia

It is indeed, on which other countries in the Southeast Asia had made steps toward democracy in this decade. Though, such fledgling democracy is so fragile and always encounters issues like political, national, economic and security crisis.

The political crisis always happens whenever the citizens start to be on strike against their elected leaders who vitally play role as head of the state or government. Logically, the citizens turned to stop supporting those whom they always voted for. This is because those elected leaders are committing corruption, or rule the nation as authoritarianism.

This kind of crisis happened in the Philippines in 2001, for instance. By the time, President Joseph Estrada was alleged for embezzling of national budget then he was forced to step down. After that, Ms Gloria Arroyo was appointed to takeover of power and took a lead from her predecessor. This similarity came over Malaysia during a tenure of President Wahid who has been affiliated with corruption then he lost his power.

Other crisis of the fledgling (Still young) democracy located in the Southeast Asia is social economic issue. Any way, it was luckily which the ASEAN economic crisis had not hit such young democracy since 1997. However, the poverty and sorrows of people mostly for example in the Philippines or Cambodia may erode democracy.

These countries are lacking of touchstone for democracy, the initiative for economic growth so that to enable a nation getting well off or rich not only for the handy of the rich and powerful men.

Besides, the national security is also harmful to the fledgling democracy in the ASEAN. It refers to terrorism which always happen at the Southern Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia and neighboring-country border war or civil war (Even Asia is the so-called quiet place) for example a series of fire exchange clash between the Thai and Khmer military around the Preah Vihear castle compound in late 2008 to 2011.

So today the democracy of Asia is still on a rough road because of some leaders deny accepting the democratic principles in favor of the Western for a process of implementation of democracy.

The Asian nations have different traditions from the Western ones. The Western makes value on individual freedom and vacation, as of the Asian value is focused on family, social order, power and job. So they have trends in Asian principles rather than democratic ones.

Another point [on which we should never forget] rock a democracy in Asia is the prominent standing out of China’s Communist regionally and internationally.

Finally, the ASEAN nations still use coup d’état paramilitary like Thailand.

Therefore they must try the best for improving of economic growth and reform other above-mentioned points for the move of democratic optimism.

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