Understanding of the Cambodian Community Marriage

Marriage is a critical thing which is meaningful and happens to all people once a time throughout their lives. Then, they have to deeply think about it before they start getting involved in possible marriage. We are not sure on the figure of the age for those who are married; there are many individuals both young and old persons who get married in Cambodia.

Community tradition and custom had cherished the values on marriage for all persons. For those couples who did not pass through the marriage would be facing criticism and the children of them who are named as bastard (a non-marital child). The others would not like to have relationship for engagement or marry him/her (bastard) because they do not want to disgrace the family tree.

Based on the understanding of this value of tradition and custom including family fame, the parents always mentor their children to follow the custom trace by spending money to fill duty (in reaching to marriage absolutely.) And they prevent the fame of family tree and custom as well strictly, basically to prevent a scandal tarnishing.

The marriage held at the rural community not only according to the tradition/ custom but also is registered as legal certificate. Linkage of a traditional wedding without being registered a certificate, it means that even the couples live together in the society and were recognized as a spouse, however referring to the law describes that this spouse is living and was not married. Such marriage may have complex issues should there has a divorce and/ or the wife/husband betrays to have another spouse. That is why the parents and elders appeal a spouse to go for a legal registration.

Presently, there are few spouses whose their marriage stemmed from the matchmakers. Instead, at least they have known each other several years before they are able to reach marriage. It looks difference from the past that the matchmakers or the elders always let or encourage their children to get married even they are just only 16 or 17. But today, they must be over 20 or 30 to get married because some of them are learning, earning money to save for wedding and others are busy with jobs.

Of course, in order to start marrying it requires spending much money based on the location and other specific status based upon either remote community areas or towns. Besides, there are many entertainment places so they forget to think about marriage; it means that they do not want to have strings.

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