Human Resources Are the National Driving Force

Lacking of human resources is an issue for the developing countries. All development needs skill and expertise. Yet the human resources are not mobilized properly for example some scholars were not used for developing of the nation. For those intellectuals who do not have trends or favors of the politicians vision have been downplaying or ignored and others are barely acquiesced that is why they[ scholars] do not have chance to make the decision then they are frustrated.

For those who are always in favor of the politicians. And they are supporting the policy of the party then they are bestowed ranks or senior position of departments for almost sector and are frequent on limelight. That is why there are happening of nepotism and human resources are not paid attention.

Human resources are the driving forces to accelerate the social development and they make value on the scholars based on their graduation in high degrees. However, some countries like Cambodia the political leaders make value for those who have favor to their politics rather than talented skills or expertise due to the political influence. This situation marred the scholars to get involved in the national development activities in light of the officials always downplay on them. Also, they had experienced a culture of nip scholars in the bud and nepotism in the working-places which are barriers for optimizing of human resources.

The main thing is now resolving the problem together for the national benefits basically focused on setting human resources in place through motivation in order to develop the nation; enable mobilizing the human for the specific target and transfer uptakes and experience to the younger generation. Therefore, they must remove the barriers of nepotism and political coloring toward the national unity.


  1. The government should focus on education too though it's a far stretch. The youth are the future and to build a better future, they better invest in them.
    -Aki Suomela

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