Please Stop Eating Dog Meat

I am a person who passionately love dogs and made friends with them. Sad news in Cambodia, there has been trading of dogs of many people start to sell dog meat. However, eating dog meat has still been controversial in the world. In the United States, dogs are friends of the people, but in other countries, such as South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, dogs were eaten.

The dog is the best friend of everyone, but some people also like to eat him, too. A campaign was launched in the country to stop the killing and eating these animals, claiming that these meats are harmful to people's health.

I strongly support the team who love pets, pet owners and animal protection activists run the campaign aiming at stop eating dogs and cats in the country. This is a message to everyone to “please” stop the slaughtering of dogs for eating. They are very pitiful while hunters captured them to put in the cage for killing.

It was a part of the campaign to against the dog and cat meats eating across the world and called for «Say NO to Dog Meat» together then supports to create a law and publish the health consequences stemmed from eating the meat of dogs which does not have a clear source and homeless dogs. It is regret to see the sale of dog meat is opening in Phnom Penh and the provinces.

I personally was not happy that the missing of beloved dogs because of hunters made trade to response a demand of the purchaser. The campaign is disseminating about the consequences of eating of this meat, because it can cause various diseases, especially itching and E-Coli. Asian people misunderstood that eating dog meat makes men stronger and eats cat help treat asthma.

The concept of eaters in Cambodia understand that eating dog meat can help them stronger eat cat treats diseases. But it actually is quite wrong. This definitely causes many problems to eaters instead.

Please change all behavioral thoughts of eating dog meat which affect the health. Stop eating dog meat because the dog is the most loyal and good friend of us and he also is one of our family member.

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