Unemployment is a Concern of Community and Getting Job is Difficult

The job markets are sensitive issues for local community people, regional job seekers, students, parents and the government as well. Sometimes, we see that many students who have graduated one year or a few years but they are still not able to find a job. We can place a question that who is in charge of this? It is a part of the government’s burden too. This is a very crucial topic which happens around the world related to unemployment rate, mostly for the developing countries due to employment is an integral part to contribute nation’s GDP growth and social security.

The students always complaint their concerns of unemployment whenever they will have graduated university. Meanwhile, there are some graduates who get job after graduation shortly. The status of unemployment after graduation for a few years ago was a high rate and remarkable that impact seriously to the community development, especially during the global economic crisis. Without job, the community people could not generate their income in term of humanitarian NGOs and government wish to alleviate poverty effectively.

As of other graduates got part time jobs too, but it is just a kind of temporary job or freelance job. Sometimes, the students who have graduated on their specific major but they perform duty not based on their specialization at the university which they had pursued it due to the narrow job market challenge. For instance, they have graduated majoring in Banking but they serve as health education officer.
The unemployment is really issue which impact to the livelihood and national economics and security. So who will be in charge of this concern and how could we address this issue.

Taking a simple glimpse that they may put the blame on the government’s accountability because the government has to perform duty in creating lots of job market for local people so that it could respond to the growth of job hunters in the nation. For sure, we recognize that the job market in the poor country (developing country) is narrowing compared to the graduates or job seekers who need the jobs every year.

The narrow job market due to the national economic scope is still limited. However, they may notice on presence of investment on factory, enterprise, tourism and other industries have been prominent. But the country which depends on the main staple rice—agriculture investment is the national economic cornerstone seems lack of business enterprises like rice mill, lack of craft shop, recycling factory for agribusiness, modern technology, market for exporting of agricultural products. In consequence, the local community people migrate to other neighboring countries for selling their labor in exchange of income.

We see that some kinds of people’s agricultural products were only produced for soon-eating-food in the wake of there is little recycling factory to produce fruit jam which preserves it as so-called long term foods for family and community. And if we take a look at the industrial sectors including mining, metal, charcoal, golden, oil and gas ores for processing. Some developing countries still not have technical factories to cope with that need yet.

That is what we want to refer to those absences of the factories which are sources for offering job markets too. Then they are able to complaint to the government because it has not attracted investor nor establish those factories for absorbing labor market from people to generate their income.

Even though, in order to acquire the good job done those students or job hunters including for the graduates must have their comprehensive and meticulous knowledge of the major or specialization responding to the employment’s requirement because some job hunters still face bad skill to apply for job.

In addition, the students should engage themselves in volunteer working to gain more work experiences as they have just graduated before apply for good jobs. Then, the government must enhance its task to push more job market or increase investment and the students have to sharp their skill and knowledge to cope with the employment’s requirement and need. Whenever they got job so they could make revenue to improve the quality of live and living standard for family and community.

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