Impediment for ASEAN Community Integration

The ambition to create the ASEAN economic community 2015 is a crucial theme for Asia leaders to take into account and trigger dialogue. It seems likely in a long distance to achieve the ASEAN community because there are many harrowing problems and pressing challenges.

The desperate need of the Asia leaders is beefing up to enabling ASEAN community shall become the ASEAN economic community in the near future in favor of EU, in terms of integration of the open flows of economy from one country to another freely. The benefits of the 10 countries not only freely circulate goods on grounds for ASEAN territory but also capital, population, labor force circulations.

However, we wait to see whether the intention for ASEAN community integration should be successful. However, it is hard to be possible to make dream become truth, and if ASEAN community integration exactly succeeds that is still not fair for taking benefits of the poor countries like Cambodia or LAOS PDR.

Nevertheless, the barriers for ASEAN community confront are nation’s internal problem. Related to infrastructure like rail, road and international airways shall broadly engender feasibility of circulation of people, capital, and goods in the ASEAN framework.

Besides, the mindset of people in the nation whether they consent to allow other nationals to trespass their respective land freely. Unless the ASEAN people have the long-term oversight beyond their boundary and nationalism in order to encompass the regional interest.

Still, the ASEAN integration will face other barriers like EU including the gaps of economy and overwhelm different politics between the 10 countries. For example the average of annual income for Singaporean about 40,000 USD compare to the destitute LAOS living standard. Compare between the military-ruled Burma regime and Vietnamese Communist to the Indonesian Democracy and Singaporean Advanced and Bright Authoritarian. Because of these gaps of economy and politics, it may leads to paralyze the communication in both ASEAN community and other main nations.

All of these barriers and issues engender the observers never have optimism that the ASEAN economic community integration will be materialized by 2015. What do you think about the ASEAN economic community integration?

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