ASEAN Economic Community Integration 2016

In the upcoming 2016 year will arrive shortly, the Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) which comprises of 10 countries will be coming more closer for the purpose of economics community under the same umbrella in terms of the single community for one destiny.

Whenever the ASEAN becomes the ASEAN Economic Community so the member states will increase economics and challenge integration. At that time, the 10 countries freely open the flow of commercial operation, goods, human resources, employment and capital from one country to another. As of the population of ASEAN are able to freely move for seeking for employment based upon their capacity merely hold an identification card.

They note that among the 10, Cambodia may receive a small benefit from the economic ASEAN integration and it may encounter difficulties over employment sector based on its limited human resources challenge.

The social researchers feel that community economic integration shall be opened a free employment market by 2015, Cambodian is singled out that the population can receive a small benefit and take time longer to get this benefit. Mostly of benefits are received by the rich people and those who have the ability to locally and internationally take challenge through investment and company establishment. Many youths shall lose the opportunity of employment while this nation [Cambodia] has yet not been carried out immigration law effectively because of the foreign investors always take part with the local company as business partners (effective immigration law enforcement).

The social researchers added that Cambodians still be high poor basically for those who live in the remote areas are hard to access the chance for benefiting from the integration so the government must pay more attention to them and help to improve their condition of living to brace for the upcoming community economic integration by 2015.

The upcoming ASEAN economic integration may help a population of the nations to have the opportunities working in either country among the 10 so that they can also exchange experiences and learning from each other based on nation’s population knowledge and skill.

ASEAN was created in 1967 and the member states include Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, and Burma. Now Japan, China, the United States, India, Australia and the United Nations are the Association for the South East Asia Nations’s partners. ASEAN has about 610 million populations. A population of Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia consist of high capacity human resources so that they can earn revenue over ten thousand to fifty thousand dollars every year in the midst of Cambodian can earn only about one thousand dollars per year (2013).

Because of Cambodian education system is still limited [ similar to Burma and Lao]so the youth of this country are not capable of challenging with other youth of ASEAN nations like Singapore, or Vietnam. The education system of Cambodia is notorious for corruption while taking the exam. That is the concern to brace for community economic integration.

However, Cambodia can take advantages far less than disadvantages and it takes time to get advantages during the ASEAN community integration in light of the goods are duty free enable to lose the national budget, the flow of population to come to work in this country and other challenges if this nation’s government does not sharp its effort and human resources.

ASEAN can be melted by the following factors:

1. completely different political system (presidential system, system of the monarchy and the political party system)

2. ASEAN countries gap are too high among ASEAN members—the average, the poor and the rich (inequitable competition and there is no principle for mutual assistance)

3. The principle of non-interference (ASEAN Heads offended wantonly that other members could not open his mouth to speak up)

4. The principle of unanimous decision-making (the joint announcement at the ASEAN Summit could not be released)

5. Some ASEAN members do not comply with international human rights principles, nor conform with world standards

6. Other factors, for example, the great powers influence to other ASEAN members in the regional conflicts of interest issues and the whole world. Case Study Sample of the Soviet Union and the Arab League have been completely melted and partly due to different economic and political systems, the influence of other great powers on the members of a single community. Previously, nobody thought that the Berlin Wall was the most robust totally collapsed.

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