Healthcare Management Sector Should Be Improved for People’s Trust

The healthcare service for the community people today is the challenge among other pressing challenges which is harm to the society. They may notice that while the community people get sick, especially most of the poor people who have not ability to afford for hospital treatment fee are always facing the big problems relevant to healthcare service delivery as well as right to health service. Those problems include fee for treatment is very expensive; quality of medical treatment is not effective. Besides, some other nurses look for their individual benefits much more than caring of the human’s life, they forget the nursing professional morality and virtue because of money obsessing. That is the most danger for those who are poor and do not have ability to afford their treatment fee in the community.

In contrast, the people who have ability for nursing payment travel or take their relatives’ patient to the hospital in abroad in the Asia region like Singapore or Thailand where they trust in nursing service quality rather than nursing practices in the country. This frequent trend reveals the losing of trust of people on domestic healthcare services.

However, the poor community people find healthcare services at the health centers or state’s hospitals and sometimes private clinics. The problems of current healthcare for people in the region are bad service delivery and the price of service is expensive, plus degrading of morality of nurses or doctors including of pharmaceutical marketing are messing up in a country. Further more, the skills of doctors or nurses are still limited and the management of the Ministry of Health is not better yet.

Doctors less pay attention in nursing of the patients, they prefer to take care of money only. That is why sometimes, they do marketing in a type of treatment competition. For example the doctors or nurses combined medicine together for children so that would not allow clients are able to remember what types of medicine are. The doctors suggested the patients to get injection of serum for gaining extra money or getting under knife (operation) even the patients are not met the requirement of operation condition yet. There are still more of private clinics opening without legal brand name or license so the patients can go to meet doctors by phone-calling for appointment.

Whenever there has incident happens they resort to send a patient to the emergent rescue unit by demanding money through using of ambulance. For some drug stores or pharmacies were run by without legal license or without genuine nurses selling of medicines for clients. It means that common people can go to buy the medicine at any time and anywhere as they wish without specific medical description. Still, the medical products were promoted freely in the market throughout a country without very strict supervision from the Health Department.

Though, we respect for those doctors or nurses who cling to the nursing morals and endeavor to save the lives of patients. We wish the Ministry of Health to take measure on the proper management on healthcare services; otherwise it will be high detriment to the community people’s quality of life.

Thus, it is critical to enhance the quality of healthcare and morality of nurses, particularly facilitation of treatment fee should be cheaper than ever.
In conclusion, the healthcare services MUST be immediately improved so that to take proactive approach to serving for the benefit of public health.

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  1. Very true said and i am totally agree with you. The Healthcare Management sector should improve their work and think about the poor people and take care about if they are getting proper treatment or not.

  2. Great post - I couldn't agree more with you!
    -Jon @ human services software

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