Developing Country Inhabitants Should Care of Medical Checkup

Currently, health issue is the main agenda of the inhabitants who are living and working in their locality. They always ask each other about health whenever they meet daily. More young people or adults start to have problem of health amid the health system is still poor yet. Mostly community people feel less care of their health unless they get sickness then they would go to see the nurse or doctors for checkup. It means that they go to see the health professionals unless they get sickness only.

Health issue is very crucial and it is more likely a quiet war to attack all people and family for example the latent sickness on which weakens our functioning physiques gradually.

Whenever the people get the age of over 40 they mostly always get some kinds of sickness. And we could not assume that the normal appearances of persons do not exist any kind of sickness unless while they go see the doctors for medical checkup. It is generally for many people have to check health frequently so that they are able to prevent illness and get some bits of doctor’s advice. Most of some persons never get the medical checkup throughout their lives except they get serious illness. In the developed countries, the people always go to see the physician for medical checkup even they are looked having good health or not getting sickness. It is very important for us to have medical checkup so that we can realize the syndrome or any vital signs to prevent illness ahead.

However, the majority of community people rarely care of this medical checkup. They only go to meet the doctors or health professionals in case of, whenever they get sickness and some are just taking medicines themselves at homes without any medical descriptions while they are not staying in a serious case.

It is just alert that the people should go to see the physician for medical checkup so that we can prevent any kind of illness before the illness can spread more seriously until it is impossible to be treated.

Sometimes, it does not mean that the people would not like to go to see the doctors or health professionals but it might because of poor health systems or access to equality in health services are not implemented well, especially targeting at the rural community health sectors. For example the hospitals are located far away, the quality of nurses or health professional are still lagged, the treatment cost is very high, the physician is derelict to patients and the bad behaviors of health workers towards the patients. Those are the sad things and marred patients going to see the physician or they do not even have ability to pay for treatment fee at all.

Despite the health centers or hospitals were developed at target areas to be available for people to get access of health services, they have to improve and sophisticate the quality of health working to meet the need of community people. And the people must recognize that medical checkup is very important for their health. They should be careful in eating and food options which are threat to harm the health. Keep in mind that prevention is better than treatment.

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