Community Development Requires to Engage Women’s Health Improvement

Though the government and NGOs or private sectors are working basically focused on Gender mainstreaming to aim at community sustainable development but they should emphasize on a healthcare sector as well in the project implementation plan. Health for women is very important due to they also work as well as the men do, the main issues related to the women’s health is reproductive health.

Therefore the government should pay high attention on this concern. Some articles of the national constitutions also stipulate that the government has to set up the infirmaries and maternity centers available to the rural community…the government must take care of children and mothers. The state must design to have nurseries and support for those needless women who have got many children in the family burden. The labor law also stated that the women would receive maternity leave and abortion action in order to protect the benefits of people and women basically. Yet the government has been enhancing the implementation of its action plan in favor of the Millennium Development Goal 5 which underscores the mother health improvement and Millennium Development Goal 6 which combats AIDS, malaria and other diseases on which aim at reducing a rate of those infectious diseases.

Despite they noticed the women still seriously face the health issues and the understanding of community women is limited, for example the women have high prevalence of receiving the venereal diseases infection more than men. The mother mortality rate is still worrisome and being alarming.

The government should allocates a budget enough to sponsor the women’s health service and amount of nurses and medical equipment must be available to the rural community areas too.

In conclusion
, in order to build development of the society or community we should have more specific and efficient approach to cope with the challenges of women’s health. The government has to increase more national budget for project implementation focused on health, basically promoting of women’s health service by establishing medical nursing centers, there are enough nurses and midwives within better service. The government, NGOs or civil society or private sectors have to raise awareness to citizens on how to take care of health. There should have a program to motivate the women to participate with planning for enhancement of healthcare project.

As long as the women have good health so they must be very active to get involved in the economic and social development process by producing high productivity for their national prosperity because they are the backbone for the national development.

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