Community Health Education Development Project

Currently, there are many humanitarian organizations have been working at outreach in the developing country through implementing different types of development activity. Because they feel that the regional people, particularly community people are underprivileged and disadvantaged and rarely to equal access of health service or better health checkup. Logically, there are different community development projects for example agriculture, clean water, education, democracy, healthcare, social economics, human rights and so on. Most of people who are living at the rural areas are low educated; they are illiterates because some citizens are survivors from civil war aftermath meanwhile other children have no chances to go to school, due to they have to help their parents to generate income for the family. That is why the children must drop schools or there is not school in their village. People have no enough access to information about development and health service delivery from the government. The health center lacks of practical nurse and health center not open door 24 hours for client due to low salary of nurse staff. Still, the medical equipment and staff skills are limited yet.

Seeing like this, the humanitarian NGOs which work on health project have own mission to grant counterpart fund to the government or implement themselves to improve the better healthcare service delivery for the local people. We realize that some villagers still have belief on the spirit while they get sickness. They try to look for shaman or wearing talisman as means to cure their sickness and prevent from illness. Environment of living are detriment to their health threat through eating unhealthy food or no wellness. They do not know how to use clean water; actually there are no clean water sources in the remote areas. They use water in the pond and sometimes the animals use it too. They have no uptakes on oral health, sanitation and hygiene. The pregnant women are rarely to go to the meet nurse for medical checkup and prenatal care. For those who enter the forest for farming do not even have knowledge about how to take care from mosquito bite, they always sleep without mosquito nets casting. Morbidity and mortality rate are still high susceptible to community people if without intervention from both government and non-governmental organizations.

The intervention of non-government organizations is a vital action in which necessary to realize villagers to change their behavior and attitude. In a response to the project design for development related to healthcare, they have been operating some activities concerning to the health education. They teach local villagers to understand primary basic health through village health volunteers (VHV) and providing them training to transfer knowledge to others in the village so that to realize community people many kinds of harmfulness and sickness from mosquito bites like malaria and dengue fever. Training must be conducted at the school students concerning about oral health, first aid, hand washing, environment of living etc. Health workers educate villagers at rural areas on how to use clean water to prevent diarrhea that is preventative measure of sickness. Some projects help community to dig well and provide them water filters, motivate and encourage community people to go to the health centers because some regional people still do not trust in medical services for example when they see nurses arrive at their regions to vaccinate them, they escape into the forest.

Health care intervention project for local villagers is a key element for them to struggle for living and alleviate the poverty because while they get sickness there is no main household to make income for the family. Then the government and NGOs have to deal with helping them to get good health services and enable children to go to school shaping them to improve better livelihood in future.

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