Facebook Will Play a Crucial Role for Cambodian Upcoming Elections 2017&2018

For the imminent commune election 2017 and national election 2018, the social network would increasingly have a strong political influence in political society of Cambodia for any variations of poll and voter mindset for change which made by Facebook.

Social networks, especially Facebook has started to affect social politics in the country. In the past, Facebook was used to share information or entertainment, selling of the product, greeting one another. But since then 2013 national elections, the social network Facebook and newspapers on the Internet have been providing tremendous political information to the public. Not only that, Facebook has been seen as very effective political tool in the wake of most people believe the information being published on social networks. They believe it though it does not mean that all pieces of information are absolutely accurate.

Coming back home to Cambodia in 2013 of Mr. Sam Rainsy, the most prominent and popular politician who has been exiled abroad by the ruling party was not promoted by the media which was controlled by the government. Information about the arrival of him is a Facebook player who conveys to spread broadly, especially among young people at everywhere and every way.

Yet, a latest provisional figure for people who engaged with social media of Cambodia indicates that people both inside and outside probably 4 or 5 million people have been doing a research and seeking for information on social networks Facebook and the online newspaper.

Facebook is so powerful since the 2013 national election that made history for vote events. And it would be even more influential for the 2017 commune election, and for the next national elections in 2018, because of the information will be even more progressive and accessible for voters and the Internet fee became cheaper in recent years.

So the political servants, political advisor, follower of the political situation and the political steering-driver must not overlook the social media Facebook and the online newspaper. In the eyesight of experts noted that Facebook has brought political changes in some countries already and in Cambodia, Facebook is also playing a major role in fostering, encouraging the voters to go to vote or do not support any political parties in 2017 commune elections and the upcoming national election in 2018.

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